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About Us

The story of Jorgensen Steel Machining & Fabrication, Inc., began with humble roots at the turn of the century in Tekonsha, Michigan. As many successful businesses have started in garages, so, too, did Jorgensen, in 2001. An initial acquisition by owner Matthew Jorgensen of two pieces of manual equipment a Bridgeport mill and a Clausing lathe led to the company’s first customer. Realizing that he had exceeded the expectations of this customer, Matthew saw the need for procuring state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, there was a need, of course, to recruit new talent to run it. And so it began . . . .

Matthew knew that his only way to success was to focus on differentiating himself from his competition by concentrating on the quality of the products he produced. This approach was quickly recognized by his customer base, ultimately resulting in several new customers. Suddenly, there was a need to expand his business into a new larger building in 2002. By 2006 Jorgensen’s business changed drastically. The scale of fabrication work increased in size, and the machine work continued to build. In 2006 Jorgensen had to relocate into yet another larger facility. In 2008 Jorgensen made the decision to diversify and expand into new markets, including aerospace, military, and pollution control. In order to make this transformation, new quality certifications were required.

The later part of 2013 and early 2014 proved to be a most significant period for change. Jorgensen received its Native American minority certification in November of 2013. In addition, in 2014 the company has introduced Lean Manufacturing throughout the facility, which has played a key role in preparing Jorgensen for the next phase of its growth cycle. Most recently, Matthew has partnered with his brother Christopher Jorgensen, thereby adding over 20 years of automotive and military sales experience to the Jorgensen team.

  • 2001 Matthew Jorgensen incorporates Jorgensen Steel
  • 2002 Moves into larger facility
  • 2002 Purchases first CNC equipment
  • 2006 Expanding business necessitates the purchases of larger manufacturing facility
  • 2008 Diversifies into aerospace, military, and pollution control markets
  • 2013 Confirms Native American minority status
  • 2014 Implements Lean Manufacturing throughout facility

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